Independent Port Consultants

Who we are

Independent Port Consultants Limited (IPC) delivers consultancy services to companies involved in the maritime, ports, terminals and logistics sectors.

IPC offers a highly experienced team each with many decades of experience and complementary skills capable of delivering a wide range of advisory services.

We aim to support your strategic decisions and investments, business development, commercial, technical, operational and environmental requirements.

How we work

Independent Port Consultants (IPC) can mobilise teams or individuals to meet specific project requirements.

Streamlined overheads, a flat management structure and decades of experience enables IPC to deliver value and a rapid response to clients with reliable and impartial advice.

Clients can contract IPC Ltd or with individual members directly.

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Meet the team

Independent Port Consultants is composed of individuals who have worked in a wide range of senior roles in the ports, logistics and marine sectors providing clients with deep industry knowledge, experience and value.

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