Economic & Finance

Project feasibility, impact assessment, fieldwork management and procurement strategy are just a few of our areas of expertise to support projects in this field

Most projects require market research as well as stakeholder input.  Economic impact assessments and financial feasibility studies require working closely with other project team members to acquire and process project information and gain further input if needed.

Market & Demand Research

Market research and demand assessments are an essential component in the development of business strategies, and in the traffic and vessel call forecasts required to provide the information port planners need to size and phase new developments, and to test the financial viability of proposed port investments.

Demand forecasts including collection of historical data on port traffic and vessel calls, future scenario development.

Economic Impact

Impact analyses of maritime sector projects on economic and social and environmental development objectives can be carried out following a number of approaches and methodologies.

The approach will be developed in view of the specific requirements of the project.

Examples of past projects includes the economic and social impact of a new port development project, and new marine services hubs.

Commercial Strategy

A review of the commercial strategy of a port will include a number of steps.

Examples are existing commercial agreements and performance, detailed SWOT analysis, prospects and requirements, and stakeholder consultation leading to imaginative and workable results and recommendations.

Financial Feasibility

Financial feasibility including elaboration of financial appraisals, most of which relate to the provision of new port infrastructure, as one of the key services provided by IPC. The approach adopted will be specific to the project requirements.  Financial models can be provided to the client for internal use.

Project Finance & Green Ports

Project financing for the maritime sector is increasingly tied to the greening of the industry. IPC provides support and advice on project financing in the sector with a view of maximizing available opportunities particularly in the green financing space.



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