Design & Construction

Experience in tender, procurement, planning, feasibility, design, infrastructure and construction projects within the maritime ports business

IPC has worked on projects with container terminals, LNG and petrochemical facilities, cruise facilities, ferry terminals, general cargo facilities, fishing harbours and marinas as well as facilities serving Offshore Wind Farms (both floating and fixed). Technical project work has covered a wide range of issues, such as quay and jetty design, dredging, groynes, revetments, breakwaters, beach replenishment, seawalls, port design reviews, master planning, coastal remodelling, navigation simulation, mooring and berthing assessments. We’ve also worked on structural analysis and expert witness work.

We advise clients on project management development scope, manage fieldwork studies (geotechnical and metocean and more), manage delivery teams and prepare cost estimates and programmes. We also create tender documentation, advise on procurement strategy and award processes, including during construction stages of a facility.

Master Planning

Assess capacity to match demand

Optimise existing/new facilities & plan changes

Development location/options assessment

Forward phased development programme


Layout, capacity options for proposed development

Site field data collection, technical studies (structural, mooring, navigation, metocean)

Technical solution(s), cost estimates and implementation programmes

Harbour Design

Wave, current sediment assessments & modelling

Mooring & navigation studies

Harbour layout optimisation

Channel/dredging design & strategy

Terminal Infrastructure Design

Detailed design studies

Quays, jetties, yards, road/rail access, gate complexes, port buildings

Design reviews

Procurement strategy, tender documentation, tender evaluations

Superstructure Design

Quay cranes, yard cranes

Terminal horizontal movement equipment

Bulk loaders/unloaders, conveyors, storage silo


Owners Technical Advisor

Risk assessments

Due diligence

Construction reviews

Project management

Contract administration support

Dispute resolutio



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