With an average of 40 years’ maritime, ports and terminals experience, our team of Master Mariners has accumulated extensive industry knowledge of marine, port and nautical issues

The IPC Master Mariners have broad and deep experience acquired over decades in the ports and terminals sector.  We can assist with vessel traffic flows, navigation, pilotage, towage, berthing, mooring and cargo access equipment. We provide investigations and opinions on unsafe ports, as well as risk and safety inspections and audits – all of which are delivered to regulatory standards.

Our clients operate all types of marine services, from cruise and RoRo, to ULCC container vessels, dry bulk services, super yachts, fishing vessels and small craft. They work across a range of sectors including oil and gas, dry bulk and leisure operations.

Marine Services

Reviews of towage, pilotage, mooring, vessel operations and training.

Reviews of ship handling characteristics, new vessel planning and assessment.

Port Access & Hydrography

Channel Management, buoyage and hydrographic consultancy

Dredging & environmental permissions

VTS & Pilotage navigation systems

Emergency & Pollution Planning

Emergency planning & training. Drills. Roll of 1st responders

Media management during a crisis, PR and communications

Anti-pollution systems, MARPOL, water and air pollution regulations

SMS and risk management

Hazardous Cargo

IMDG code, IMO and international regulations and customs requirements

Stowage, ships & terminals, risk based approach

Co-ordinating hazardous cargo information within the supply chain

Risk Assessments, protection, drills, training, audits and toxicology

Harbour Master Activities

National Occupational Standards for Harbour Masters, the Port Marine Safety Code and Powers of Direction

Ship arrest and detention, incident Investigation and Limitation of Liability

Role of the Marine Accident Investigation Branch and the Marine Management Organisation

Emergency Plans and Services; SOSREP and his role

Marine Safety Management System and Port Operations within the Marine SMS

Sustainable Development and the Environment

Expert Witness Services



Dispute Resolution

Loss of Trade/Business Interruption



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