Knowledge and experience of commercial activities in maritime ports including bulk, breakbulk and container terminals, as well as RoRo and ConRo facilities

We can provide our services for bulk (all kinds) and breakbulk terminals, container terminals, RoRo and ConRo facilities and many other specialised cargo handling activities. IPC can also carry out these commercial services for ports serving the renewable energy sector and Power-to-X projects.

IPC clients have included shipping lines and operators, logistics providers, terminal operators, International Financial Institutions, infrastructure funds, governments and renewable energy providers among others.

Market & Trade Analysis

Market and trade studies specific to a local terminal or internationally on a regional or even global basis.

Tariff benchmarking.

Competitive environment assessments local and/or regionally.

Traffic Forecasting

IPC can provide an evaluation of the amount of cargo (import & exports) any given project or existing port can reasonably expect to flow through its facilities. Such throughput analysis is the main driver for operational and investment recommendations.

Desk top analysis can be done using readily available data sources.

More thorough (and therefore more reliable) traffic forecasts can done by performing detailed stakeholder surveys and an assessment of prevailing market dynamics on the ground.

Commercial Strategy

Assessing existing commercial agreements in the context of the prevailing competitive environment, market dynamics and potential for growth.

Develop a commercial strategy from scratch for new development projects, including stakeholder reviews and consultations.


Accompanying clients and advising them throughout the various stages of a public tender process, from Expression of Interest stage to technical, financial and legal Requests For Proposal (RfP) dossiers.

IPC can also advise clients on concession agreement negotiations in the case of successful offers.

Converting an initial business case into compliant and bid winning submissions.

IPC has had significant experience  in providing advisory services for both private investors as candidate concessionaires and, for tender granting authorities.

Public Private Partnerships

IPC has experience in advising port or government authorities on the potential for maximising their national port assets whether for existing facilities that may benefit from a privatisation process or Greenfield/Brownfield projects that have been identified for development.

IPC is able to advise on potential management structures and port concession ownership models, make recommendations on the legal and regulatory requirements to safeguard national interests as well as advise on privatisation strategies.

Concession Agreements

IPC has extensive experience in advising both port authorities and private port operators on optimum concession agreement structures subject to a project’s technical and commercial evaluation.

IPC is able to advise on how to incorporate technical and commercial conditions within a local legal context to ensure clients are protected.

Capex & Opex Reviews

For both new port developments and existing port facilities, IPC is able to provide extensive expertise on infrastructure and superstructure investment requirements.

Capital Expenditure review with recommendations for future investment strategies.

Operating Expenditure review could deliver recommendations for operational improvements and optimal manning strategies.

Business Case

IPC is able to provide clients with a complete business case evaluation for existing terminals or new development projects.

Using input from traffic forecasts and market analysis, IPC can determine optimal OPEX and CAPEX recommendations for a given project and forecast revenue streams.

At the request of clients IPC can build a business model and provide analysis on potential project returns.

Project Feasibility

After an evaluation of available commercial and technical information, IPC is able to provide an opinion on the viability of a port project and identify potential risks.

IPC can perform high level desk top assessments based on data available or more thorough feasibility analysis which would include stakeholder interviews, ground assessments, environmental studies, commercial and competitive evaluations.

Due Diligence

With the experts at IPC’s disposal Due Diligence on almost every aspect of an existing facility can be performed to a high standard.

Environmental, operational, infrastructural, commercial, legal and overall  SWOT assessments can be made to provide clients with an opinion on the viability and potential for growth of any given facility.



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