Port Management & Cargo Operations

Port Management & Cargo Operations

Independent Port Consultants (IPC) have over many years, advised on the introduction of more efficient cargo handling operations ranging from the various types of mobile port cargo lifting and handling equipment to specific advice on continuous bulk handling systems in order to improve the terminal throughput.

For several new container terminal projects, handling equipment fleet schedules have been prepared, together with the phasing and associated capex. For existing terminals, capacity based on resources and performance has been estimated to determine when additional equipment will be required. In both cases, capex schedules have been prepared for replacing equipment at the end of its useful life.

In addition, assistance has been given in the selection of dust control devices in a number of ports where airborne pollution has been deemed to be a problem. IPC experts have detailed knowledge and experience in producing solutions where airborne dust presents either operational or health hazards.

IPC experts have considerable experience in the handling of general cargo in a variety of different trades from chilled meat, fruit, palletised and pre-slung commodities. Such an example includes the island of St Helena following the proposal to construct an airport on the island there was a requirement to undertake  assessment of what future traffic would travel by air and what would still be required to be moved by sea.

Our specialists have many year’s hands on experience in the day to day operations of different size container terminals from small single crane operations to large multi berth international terminals in different countries of the world. We have provided assistance in increasing terminal production rates and manpower training

In addition to the practical management of dry bulk terminals IPC has provided assistance in improving production levels in a number of coal, fertiliser and other specialist terminals IPC has specialist knowledge of dust control and methods of handling dusty products to contain airborne pollution from dust cargoes and can provide the specialist advice to minimise this problem.

IPC experts have supplied guidance and assistance in the operation of Ro-Ro facilities handling a wide range of traffic, including self -drive vehicles, MAFI style roll trailer operations and general unaccompanied freight trailers as well as a wide range of project cargo on wheels.

With the experience gained in many years’ experience of the full range of cargo handling operations IPC experts can provide  comprehensive advice in the selection and range of the cargo handling equipment use in today’s modern ports. Maintenance programmes can be assessed and cost or operational availability improvements recommended.

IPC has given specific advice to various global and individual terminal operators to include capacity assessments, bench marking, due diligence reviews, assessment of competitor terminals, capex and opex reviews, equipment proposals and planning of staged facility developments. Assistance has been given to ports in a number of developing countries to improve throughput and to achieve performance levels comparable to more developed container orientated port facilities.

Our port engineers are available to provide expert advice and assistance in devising both planned and scheduled maintenance programmes for all types of plant and equipment.

With the requirements to minimise waiting times for vehicles at port facilities – especially container terminals – we can assist with the introduction or improving  the various procedures applied at the port or terminal entrance and departure gates, including liaison-ships with national authorities such as Customs  and Coast Guard officials.

In conjunction with our experts in the selection of the most suitable TOS for the specific terminal facility we can also provide the introduction of compatible data processing programmes to provide a seamless technology for the specific port operation.

For a number of years IPC has been closely involved in an annual audit of a major container terminal on behalf of the various investors. As advisors to various funding agencies, IPC members have been requested to carry out audits of various port facilities. These have included full financial and operational audits of container and other port facilities in different parts of the world.