Cargo Terminal Systems

Support and expertise on TOS, automation, IT, stakeholder management and more in order to deliver complex cargo terminal system projects

Missions within cargo terminal systems typically represent cross-functional and cross-departmental undertakings requiring buy-in and support from a multitude of stakeholders.

Thanks to many years of management experience and respective seniority earned, IPC can engage with stakeholders on all levels and form effective project winning collaborations.

Terminal Operation Systems (TOS)

Terminal Operation Systems (TOS) enable container and cargo handling in ports  to be more effective in planning work ahead, managing operations on the water & landside, controlling inventory and, enhances communications with business partners, authorities, customs and other relevant stakeholders.

TOS implementation projects touch upon the core of marine terminals and IPC can assist clients in the careful selection of suppliers and a project team, diligent planning and overall management.


Automation of terminal operations ranges from implementing single operator support modules to complex system implementations on both green and brownfield terminals alike.

IPC members have been active within all scope and engagement levels that automation projects require.

Terminal automation has emerged as a massive trend within the cargo handling industry, and IPC members have been part of this development with experience on all execution and managerial levels of the cargo handling industry. IPC can provide expert advice on all aspects of a terminal automation project.

Information Technology

Information Technology is an indispensable tool for conducting day-to-day cargo handling operations and providing auxiliary services to customers and business partners.

IT installations providing adequate service levels for marine terminals require careful design, selection, diligent project works and support. IPC provides expert advice on these subjects within the cargo handling industry.

Process Mapping

We develop detailed process maps of the whole trade environment (imports, exports, transit, and transshipment trades) using Visio and other tools.

Process mapping plays a number of roles in different projects and proves fundamental in activities such as change management, trade facilitation, implementation of new technologies and systems, impact assessment analysis, process improvements, automation and other such activities.



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