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IPC’s lean structure enables access to a high level of expertise at very competitive rates.

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Port Management & Cargo Operations

Advice and consultancy on efficient cargo handling operations, optimum port management, the upgrading of existing terminal equipment and new container terminal projects


Knowledge and experience of commercial activities in maritime ports including bulk, breakbulk and container terminals, as well as RoRo and ConRo facilities

Design & Construction

Experience in tender, procurement, planning, feasibility, design, infrastructure and construction projects within the maritime ports business

Economics & Finance

Project feasibility, impact assessment, fieldwork management and procurement strategy are just a few of our areas of expertise to support projects in this field


With an average of 40 years’ maritime, ports and terminals experience, our team of Master Mariners has accumulated extensive industry knowledge of marine, port and nautical issues

Environment & Sustainability

Implementing environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions for ports and container terminals has never been more important than in today’s climate


Training and mentoring services that cover all facets of port operations, energy planning and logistics

Cargo Terminal Systems

Support and expertise on TOS, automation, IT, stakeholder management and more in order to deliver complex cargo terminal system projects

Energy & Renewables

Help and advice on planning for and preparing energy transition plans, site renewables, energy efficiency and network management



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