Dr. Derek McGlashan

Profession: Environment, Sustainability, ESG and Safety Consultant
Specialities: Consistency of messaging, Due Diligence, Team Building/Development, Environmental aspects, Sustainability, ESG and Materiality, Reporting, Consenting Strategy, Energy, Net Zero Transition, Renewables, Energy Networks
Nationality: British
Telephone: +44 (0)779 326 9282
Email: dmcglashan@port-consultants.com

Originally a coastal geomorphologist, Derek undertook a Ph.D. in Geomorphology and Law whilst running a successful consulting business. He took up a position with Forth Ports Limited (then PLC) leading environmental aspects and developing the corporate social responsibility elements of the annual report. When ISPS came along, he was asked to lead the implementation for Forth’s Scottish Ports. Eventually becoming Group’s lead on energy, environment, sustainability, safety and ESG. He has also held senior positions at Port of Aberdeen and Port of London, bringing operational experience from both Private and Trust ports.

Derek has been at the heart of many large projects through the consenting and often operating phases:

  • Europe’s largest planning application (at the time)
  • Reactivating a port that had been closed 20 years previously
  • Capital and maintenance dredging projects
  • Berth and wharf extensions
  • New port facilities
  • Energy generation projects (100’s MW scale)
  • Energy Networks (including Private Network charging schemes)
  • Energy efficiency projects
  • Establishing and operating in joint ventures
  • Advising tenants on their consenting strategies
  • Environmental consenting for new infrastructure or operating licences
  • Carbon Reduction & Net Zero Roadmapping

Beyond projects, the day to day activities have included developing and implementing the multi-year strategies for a number of functions, building and moulding teams, auditing, investigating major incidents, coordinating incident response, legal, insurance and in-house teams, planning and coordinating Public Local Inquiries (as applicant and objector), driving accountability, negotiating with government on new legislation, industry body topic group chair and spokesperson.

He currently supports organisations with a fractional executive approach, is VP, Sustainability, Maritime and Energy for a floating infrastructure and electric aviation start-up and non-executive director of the Port of Cromarty Firth. In 2023 Derek was included in the ENDS Report list of the ‘Top 100 most influential environmental professionals’, including one of only 12 ‘private sector pioneers.’


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