Niels P. Jørgensen

Profession: Independent Transport Consultant / Project Manager
Specialities: IT & Cargo Terminal Systems
Nationality: Danish
Telephone: +49 421 244 3826
Niels Jørgensen

Niels has accumulated over 20 years’ experience managing complex technology projects in the cargo handling systems domain, including Terminal Operating Systems (TOS). Focused on project management covering all life cycle stages of a programme from inception and contract preparation, to forming the team, implementation, Go-Live and hand-over to the client organization, Niels covers all or individual stages depending on assignment needs.

Over the course of his career, Niels has held multiple roles at technical and managerial levels. This has included, but is not limited to, key expert and team leader positions in EC funded as well as public and private sector IT implementation assignments, technical assistance and Research & Development projects.

Niels’ work has taken place across over 30 countries around the world to-date. This includes EU countries, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Middle East, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Niels’ broad knowledge of technology applications and implementation within the cargo handling industry, combined with engineering and a solid background in operations affords him the right tool kit to master a wide variety of challenges within his area of expertise.

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